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A monthly income scheme is a financial instrument where an investor gives a certain sum of money to a bank or a financial institution (company) and the entity pays interest for the duration of the deposit. The rate of interest paid varies depending on the amount and tenure. Investor’s, especially conservative investors, prefer to open monthly income scheme, as it is a safe investment option and it can be opened easily and quickly. The account can be opened by individually or jointly.

Monthly Income Scheme

Scheme Name Tenure (Month) Rate of Interest Invest Amount MONTHLY INTEREST
MIS001 60 9 100000 700

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Minimum MIS would be of Rs. 10000/- and further in multiple of Rs.1000/-
  • No TDS Deducted on interest paid by PARAMA NIDHI LTD on Deposits.
  • Loan available against Deposit up to 75% of deposited amount after one month from the date of deposit.
  • Rate of interest on loan against Deposit would be 5% higher than applicable rate of interest to your Deposit.

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