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Monthly / Quarterly interest payment option is available. Interest can be credited to the accounts with any bank at FREE of Charge. No TDS on interest upto Rs.40,000 p.a. Pre closure of Term Deposit is allowed only after completion of 3 months. No interest will be paid if preclosure is demanded before 6 months. For pre closure of deposits after 6 months, interest for the deposit will be equal to the rate applicable for the period remained with us less 2%. Nomination facility is available for all Deposit accounts. For Further details, contact us

Fixed Deposit Scheme

FD  AMOUNT OF 100000
Scheme Name Tenure Rate of Interest Invest Amount Maturity Interest Benefit
FD001 12 7 100000 107000 7000
FD002 24 7.5 100000 115000 15000
FD003 36 8 100000 124000 24000
FD004 48 8.5 100000 134020 34023
FD005 60 9 100000 145024 45024

Terms & Conditions:-

  • It is mandatory to be a member in the company.
  • Company will issue one shares (10/- Rs each) for FD Plan.
  • Minimum FD would be of Rs.5000 and further in multiple of Rs. 1000.
  • Interest calculation yearly compound.
  • TDS Deducted to be Deducted on interest. Paid by PARAMA NIDHI LTD on Deposit as per provisions and Income tax Act.
  • Loan available against deposits up to 75% of deposited amount after one month from the date of deposit.
  • F.D. will not be Fore-Closure within first 3 month.
  • If F.D. is Fore-Closure after 3 month but before 6 month no interest will be paid.
  • If any person Fore-Closure it’s FD/RD the person will get the interest of saving a/c interest.
  • In case of death of a depositor, the company will repay to nominee or beneficiary the principal & interest, at which it was accepted.

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